State Your Case: Associative Arrays in PHP

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In TNT, we have an app that lets you select a state and click on links that take you to governmental sites that tell you information about that state. An 'associative array' in PHP was used to store 'key-value' pairs of state names (keys) with their abbreviations (values). Here's the array that was in a P-COW as the page loaded:

$stateInfo = array(
    'New Hampshire'=>'NH',
    'New Jersey'=>'NJ',
    'New Mexico'=>'NM',
    'New York'=>'NY',
    'North Carolina'=>'NC',
    'North Dakota'=>'ND',
    'Rhode Island'=>'RI',
    'South Carolina'=>'SC',
    'South Dakota'=>'SD',
    'West Virginia'=>'WV',

This array was used to build a 'drop down' menu dynamically in PHP. Here's the code for the form:

<form name="selectState" method="POST" action="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']); ?>">
    <legend>Choose a state:</legend>
        <label for="stateAbbrev">State:</label>
        <select name="stateAbbrev" id="stateAbbrev">
                //assumes the 'stateInfo' associative array is in the mind of the main page
                $maxNum = sizeof($stateInfo);
                $theStates = array_keys($stateInfo);
                $stateAbbreviations = array_values($stateInfo);
                for($i = 0; $i<$maxNum; $i++){
                    $myState = $theStates[$i];
                    if($myState == $stateName)
                        echo "<option value=\"$stateAbbreviations[$i]\"
                        echo "<option value=\"$stateAbbreviations[$i]\">$myState</option>";
      <input type="submit" name="submit" id="submit" value="Submit">


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I may be state-ing the obvious, but this code is important because it shows how to build a menu dynamically if you have data in an array. As 2nd-year web design students begin putting information in a mySQL data base, they may find that they need to make menus out of that data. Hmmm...

  1. Store information in a mySQL database
  2. Establish a link (connection) to the database
  3. Formulate a query to get the information you want as a data set
  4. Read the data into a PHP array
  5. Create the select menu using that array information as shown in this post!


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If you run the original app, you will notice that the select menu 'pre-populates' with 'Texas.' How? In the P-COW before the page loads (above the doctype) we have the following code snippet:

    $stateAbbrev = $_POST['stateAbbrev'];
    $stateName= array_search($stateAbbrev, $stateInfo);
    $stateName = "Texas";

Notice that before the page is submitted, the variable '$stateName' is assigned to Texas. When the loop generates the menu items, the selection logic causes the attribute 'selected' to be added for the entry Texas

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In the snippets above, notice how I aligned the array entries. Although it meant a long verticle chunk of code, it made viewing the information easier from an editting point of view. Also, notice the form code: nested items are indented, making it easier to find problems if they occur