Beg, Borrow and Steal - Source code in Client-Side JavaScript

The browser view of JavaScript Craps game at TNT
Finding JavaScript source code!

Eager student G Maurice, after loading the JavaScript (JS) Craps game at TNT, found the actual craps source code in the Firefox browser. If you can find JS code that makes the game run, it might be an advantage when you write Java code for a game simulation.

Cleanup on Aisle 9: Favicons, Drupal, Photoshop and You

favicon example
iPhone screenshot showing cleanup needed
Photoshop Screen Shot 1
Photoshop Screen Shot 2
Photoshop Screen Shot 3
iPhone Screen Shot - Improved Favicon

A 'favicon' is the smallish image that appears on a browser tab/address bar that showcases your site's brand. It's very easy to add in Drupal. These images should feature a 'transparent background' and are often .PNG image file types.