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Navigation Features, August 2019

When you select a given app from a development area such as JavaScript, PHP or Processing, it's descriptive icon appears in a 'hero area' affiliated with the development language.

This helps ground you in 'where you are' but that icon also is a hyperlink that takes you back to the list of apps from that development platform.

This way, you don't have to use the pull-down menu to get back to that cluster of apps.

Summer Upgrades, July-August 2019

October 2018 was our first aggressive attempt to make TNT 'responsive,' meaning, it looks good and is fully functional on multiple platforms (mobile and web) with all device sizes and orientations.

We've learned more since then and are weaving work from our classes over the last year into the fabric of TNT.

Previous designs may be viewed at Past Blasts.

Welcome, Processing!, June 2019

It's been around for awhile, but we just learned about the platform Processing and we are using it to develop apps in JavaScript, Python and Java to visualize coding designs using animation and graphics.

Check out our designs at Processing Apps

TNT and RWD and Mobile Users, November 2018

Our first 'go' at TNT was to get as many apps online as we could. That was a beast of a job in itself! We had over 25 years of apps to sort through and configure! Our primary focus was on desktop platforms, with mobile being an after-thought (sort of).

These days, the push has been for all sites to be 'responsive', meaning they look good and consistent across all browsers and all devices: desktop, tablet, smart phone, etc. That's a tall order. Not only that: current practice encourages designers to start with a 'mobile-first' mentality and then scale up! That's backwards from what we did initially.

Previous iterations of TNT were quasi-responsive. In this new reboot, we are attempting to make sure that every app looks great no matter where it finds itself. You can see whether or not we are meeting that goal by testing various browsers, platforms, window/device sizes and orientations.

A note to mobile users: So far in this adventure we have found that when we make changes to the styles of a page, mobile browsers, depending on cache memory, do not always load the proper designs, even when you 'refresh.' If you find a design looks 'wonky'...well, it could be the novice factor! However, before you throw too many stones at us, try clearing cache in your mobile browser. Then, it may look as it should.