The computer world is chock full of acronyms, and it's tough to keep them straight! Here is a list of common acronyms we use here at TTG. This page was generated in Drupal7 by creating a list of content (individual acronyms) using a 'View.' Previously, we had 'hard coded' a PHP table with a list of acronyms. This technique is so much better! It automates the generation of the table based on database content: as we add an acronym (designer content type with custom 'fields') the table updates automatically. Also notice that we can sort it by various criteria!
Title stands for comments

Advanced Placement Computer Science

A secondary course in computer science that offers college credit for work done in high school. Administered by the College Board


Chief Guru

Our beloved (chief) proprietor


Cascading Style Sheets

A web technology that adds style or 'adornment' to web pages (influences 'presentation'), hopefully making them more aesthetically pleasing; Can give the illusion of functionality as well


File Transfer Protocol

A way of moving computer files around, typically from a authoring area to a web hosting area (in one of its servers); its not software its a technique


Garbage In, Garbage Out

A classic! If you provide bad input, you will get bad output. Duh!


Hyper Text Markup Language

The language of the web: forms the structure of webpages using a 'tag' structure


PHP 'Cave of Wonders'

Goofy way of referring to a block of PHP code


Responsive Web Design

Web pages that self-adjust to their environment, often utilizing CSS, JavaScript and jQuery


Strategic Defense Initiative

Affectionately known as the 'Star Wars' program, this was a defense endeavor in the 1980's to protect against nuclear war


Tech Novice Tools

Our beloved sister app site!