Here is a complete list of articles written at TTG. An article is a commentary, explanation, observation (or rant?) about a topic we have encountered in our adventures.

Googling and Stealing Code...

Yesterday, clever students did an effective Google search to find a solution to coding the Craps flowchart in a Swift playground. Search, copy, paste, done! (Do they understand the code?! Remains to be seen).

APCS High Rollers: Craps

To prepare for writing a simulation of the Craps game to test it for 'fairness', AP students are playing the actual game with real dice (they will model a 'Die' with a Java class) to get a 'feel' for the game.

iPhone Students Playing Craps

iPhone students playing craps
Women in technology!

To get ready to write a Craps game in Swift for the iPhone, students were playing the game with real dice and keeping track of their progress with Excel. Their goal was to see if a flowchart alone was enough information to intelligently play and understand the game.