Beg, Borrow and Steal - Source code in Client-Side JavaScript

Client-side JavaScript Craps Game at TNT
The browser view of JavaScript Craps game at TNT
Finding JavaScript source code!

Eager student G Maurice, after loading the JavaScript (JS) Craps game at TNT, found the actual craps source code in the Firefox browser. If you can find JS code that makes the game run, it might be an advantage when you write Java code for a game simulation.

It's an important and helpful skill to find existing code engines and render them in other languages. This way, you learn both languages better!

If you are trying to 'hide' your code from users, beware of JavaScript. Being a 'client-side' language, ambitious users can find the code and even download it. If your code were proprietary, you're in trouble. Had the game been written in PHP (server-side), users would not be able to find it online and use it as their own.