Just in Case (Sensitivity)

Camel Case in a Sandbox?!?

CG should have known that a casing problem was responsible for 'issues' regarding loading a database at TNT this weekend.

If you visit this app, you will find that it loads names from a database and creates a random roster of students. Things were working fine in the off-line testing sandbox in Dreamweaver. However when the database and pages were wired up online, there were problems with files being 'found' by the browser. Well, they were there! They were uploaded and re-uploaded and still they were not being found by the PHP code in the browser pages.

Turns out, CG had been using 'camelCase' in his references to table names in the database, and Dreamweaver was fine with it: Although the table names themselves in the database were NOT camel case, it didn't seem to matter: it appeared that those names were caseInsensitive.

Well, in the online database, they were NOT. Case sensitivity mattered. And it took about an hour figuring that out. Sigh.