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Fabulous Fibonaccisdice

A window to recursive gold


The Fibonacci Sequence is a famous string of numbers generated recursively in a feed-back type scenario: Each number in the sequence is generated by adding the previous two values. (Who thinks of these things!)

We just have to establish the first 2 numbers; Traditionally, they are '1' and '1'

Fibonacci Numbers occur in a variety of natural settings (daisy petal counts for example), and the ratio of two adjacent Fibonacci numbers, as those numbers get really large, is the mysterious 'Golden Ratio', phi, which also appears in natural settings (like pi and e).

Learn more! See also an explanation of the famous 'rabbit problem' and rabbit island.

There is an explicit equation that will calculate the 'nth' fibonacci number. Ironically, it is related to phi:

Last update: 08/14/19

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