Are we REALLY Gurus?

Chief Guru's Headquarters (Lair)
Chief Guru's Lair

We think so, but we're also delusional. Actually we are just a group of teachers and students learning the the 'ins and outs' of Java, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Swift ... and the list goes on! Above all, we try to have fun and push ourselves (and each other) in learning new technologies. We are readying ourselves for the professional world and making all our mistakes here (and at

As of the last couple of weeks, we are now doing Drupal as well (and there are PLENTY of mistakes!). From what we see so far though, it's worth it! The Drupal CMS appears to be an excellent platform for quickly creating and managing content.

We also dabble with Xcode, Swift and iPhone app development. So, we are kinda busy. However here at TTG we try to take time to chronicle what we have learned, share tips and insights, and test what we are learning with a real site. Our companion site at Tech Novice Tools houses a collection of apps we have done while learning the various programming technologies we are discovering. Unlike this site, TNT is developed 'by hand' using Dreamweaver. Be sure to check it out!