Video Clips

When geeks, nerds and coders go to the movies, they see things a bit differently. Below is a collection of clips to inspire, train and mess with your brain.

Swinging the Alphabet

One of the best places to start learning a coding language is to work on 'string manipulation' because it deals with most of the constructs of a given language. It's also kinda fun. The song shown in this clip is an excellent example of an 'algorithm' we can code in various languages to produce the song lyrics.

Infinite Loops: Bad

An infinite loop is a situation where we put a computer in a situation where it must do some sort of repetitive task without the ability of clearly ending that task. In the old days, it might have crashed your computer. Nowadays, it might just crash your program. Either way, not good. Make sure your loops always have a way of terminating!

Tracking Mutants with Cerebro

In our second year web design class, we are manipulating information in a mySQL database. We set up a PHP/mySQL sandbox: Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants. In this sandbox, Magneto, as the web site admin, is searching a database for names of those whom he might be able to recruit for his evil purposes. We think about connecting with a server as connecting with 'Cerebro' It would be cool if the process were as dramatic as it is shown here!