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Web Programming is a blast!


Learning to code is a mind-blowing experience!

We are a team of brave students with a crazy teacher exploring the coding multiverse!

Who are we?

Just a bunch of novices?

Coding: A hair-raising adventure!

Yeah, novices. And dang proud of it...a team of high school teachers and students learning about programming, computer science, web design, mathematics and technology. We wanted to take all the apps we have developed over the years in various courses and reframe them for a responsive HTML5-based environment. In some cases, an application developed on one platform with one particular language was recrafted with another language on a different platform, just to become familiar with multiple production environments.

Once more, we are admittedly novices. (We make a lot of mistakes!) If you are looking for perfection, you won't find it here. We just wanted a 'sandbox' where we could see how (or if!) our designs would work 'in the real world.'

We also think of ourselves as digital detectives. When things don't work we look for clues as to how to fix a problem. Sometimes clues show us how we can take a marginal design and make it better.

Technology moves at a blistering pace and it's tough to keep up with it all. But we enjoy that kind of thing. Check out our various applications and see if you can learn something too.