TNT Labs: PHP-Based Apps

Server-Side apps at your service!


Our Responsive PHP App Lineup

Although there may be a smidge of JavaScript lurking about here, most of the apps below are written in PHP. This means that the processing that makes them work is at the 'server' level, where this site is stored.

At the lab, we call this processing area the 'Cave of Wonders!'

The PHP genie does his magic at the server and delivers fresh HTML to the browser. Since the work is done away from the so-called 'client side' (where you are) there is a level of security that is offered by PHP apps that is not provided by JavaScript apps.

Sorry, it's impossible to see how these apps tick!

Where are the apps from the past? They are in the 'Past Blast' section in their original, sadly responsive format.

Last update: 11/11/18

White Elephant
Under Construction

These are apps from the Past Blast area that still need work, especially from a CSS and responsive point of view. They may not be fully functional yet, but are here so we field-test them 'in the wild.'