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Over the years we have found stuff on the web that makes our lives easier. We have assembled the 'biggies' here in one place. Check them out, you may find they will help you too!

Links for...

Web Development

These sites are used for developmental purposes in building a website and troubleshooting code

  • A free IDE you can use to write and test your web pages.

  • An interactive tutorial site where you can learn about nearly all web technologies- for free!

  • PHP is a server-side language and you need to have a 'testing server' on your local machine to test your PHP designs. This is an easy-install solution that creates that 'sandbox' for you!

  • Lets you test your sandbox or live web pages for 'problems' with your HTML5

  • Finds 'problems' with your style sheet designs

  • Provides a toolbar 'add-in' or 'plug-in' to your browser that assists with various tasks

  • A very reliable place to find answers to your pesky questions. It's the first place we land in a frenzied Google searchs

  • Upload your site into this little app and it will show you what it looks like on various platforms

  • Want to embed a YouTube? This little app will help you do it

Last update: 11/11/18

Graphics & Fonts & 'Filler' Stuff

Sites need good graphics and fonts as well as good content. Here are some sites that we have used to support our effort to have meaningful graphics/font support.

Speaking of good content, often you just need some filler text until you can write your actual site banter. We have some great randomly-generated filler text sites too.

  • This annual membership is well worth it! A rich supply of quality graphics of all types, which may be used freely within your site

  • It's no longer a beating getting 'favicons' and other support images for iOS, etc with this clever site!

  • Getting thematic quality fonts is a snap using Google fonts. A couple of links in the 'head' and some support CSS and you are in business!

  • This 'sweet' site will generate random confection words for 'dummy/filler' text without triggering your spell checker!

  • Need a different type of 'filler' text? Try this preservatives!

  • Classic 'Lorem Ipsum' dummy text

  • Need that 'special symbol' that isn't on the keyboard? Here's a site that lets you get it using special codes called 'character entities'

  • 'Lorem Ipsum' for people! Randomly-Matched Faces with Names!

Last update: 11/14/18